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Meet Our Physicians

Left to Right: Dr. Tabbal, Dr. Bajaj, Dr. Farhat, Dr. Kshatriya, Dr. Bakdash, Dr. Shaheen, Dr. Farhoud, Dr. Mallick


  • Erica Combs, APRN-BC (Abid Mallick, MD/Wassim Shaheen, MD)
  • Ayman Hamad, APRN-BC (Wassim Shaheen, MD)
  • Laurie Nachbor, APRN-BC (Wassim Shaheen, MD)
  • Staci Nelson, PA-C (Hussam Farhoud, MD)
  • Nancy Roop, APRN (Charles Beck, MD)
  • Nikki Sponsel, PA-C (Assem Farhat, MD)
  • Meklit Zetawos, PA-C (Ravi Bajaj, MD)
Top (L-R) Laurie Nachbor, APRN, Ayman Hamad, APRN, Staci Nelson, PA; Bottom (L-R) Nikki Sponsel, PA, Erica Combs, APRN, Nancy Roop, APRN, Meklit Zetawos, PA